5×9 vBBRAS System

Fully automatized vBNG, tailored to telcos

5×9 vBBRAS System

Dimensioning, updates, maintenance, and planning get complex as your physical hardware grows. Be practical. Turn virtual. With vBBRAS, run all network functions on the same hardware and condense your operations in one flexible solution.

Unlimited instances, scaled and configured automatically

Control the number of users on each forwarder with minimal effort. Tailor thresholds to your capacities. Avoid clutter and clots that lead to meltdowns.

When your traffic or users hit a set threshold, a new forwarding instance gets into action. The number of instances adjusts elastically to the flow. Once up and running, the system configures the forwarder according to the parameters you’ve outlined during system setup.

5×9 vBBRAS has full automation embedded in its system, adjusting to demounts on the spot.

Steady and smooth user sessions, no matter what

Maintenance and interventions never inconvenience your users.

Dynamically close a forwarder for business, clear out users in your own time. You choose a session’s duration. For quicker interventions, disconnect all your users from a forwarder imperceptibly. End their sessions and distribute them smartly to other instances.

Take one forwarder out of the game for upgrades and tinkering, without anyone noticing. This guarantees smooth, continuous sessions for your users, and simplifies your maintenance and diagnostics.

Flexible fixes, proactive approach and cost-effective systems

Over 100 years of industry experience is built into the system’s design. But we believe our customers complete it. Need something customized to increase efficiency? Name any adjustment you’d like and we’ll find a way to implement it. The system’s flexibility allows us to fit 5×9 vBBRAS into your network production.

Increasing the number of forwarders could cause problems in your workload distribution. We balance your workload, define the minimum and maximum, making sure all delays are equal.

Some forwarders are less loaded and faster than others. We outfitted our forwarders with adaptive PADO delay to disperse user sessions efficiently. vBBRAS monitors various parameters: bandwidth, the number of user sessions, CPU usage, and balances the delay for each forwarding instance. Stick your user’s session right where you want it. Connect them to the forwarder you want.

5×9 vBBRAS also reduces the need for IPs. Auto-addressing handles them economically by distributing IP addresses from a closed instance to functioning ones. Avoid IP waste, and use addresses efficiently.

vBBRAS Licensing system

We simplified our licensing, so you always know exactly what to expect.

We license only the number of customers. The number of virtual machines, compute nodes, throughput, features, or anything else doesn’t influence the price.

Our fair licensing and SLA policies allow you to have clearly visible CapEx and OpEx savings.

“The best thing about vBBRAS is simplicity. The embedded automation really makes scaling and flexibility effortless. And the shared private cloud infrastructure enabled us to standardize all our hardware.”


Fair Licensing Policy

We firmly believe that what you see is what you get. Everything is clear from the moment you get into talks with us, and you know what your fee will be right from the start.

With 5×9, you just know what to expect. There’s no small print or hidden fees.

See how our licenses work for each product: vBBRAS, Lightweight, DHCP Dashboard.

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We’re here to introduce efficient simplicity to telcos and enterprises. Don’t spend hours or days on system configuration or looking for problems. 5x9 solutions enable automatization, proactive monitoring, and fault repair, reducing your engagement and simplifying your life.

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