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Seamless connectivity without compromise

Simplifies distributed system configuration and management tasks, making it easy to integrate in both fixed and mobile complex networks.
5x9 Carrier Grade NAT (vCGN)
Explore the core functionality of vCGN software

Built on proven engine

Our proven engine is built for flexible packet modification at an extremely high rate, with advanced capabilities.

One point of control & visualization

Centralized or distributed system configuration and management tasks are simplified with our unique Dashboard component.

Effortless system scaling

The parameters you set in the configuration template are used by our Dashboard to automatically configure our CGN forwarders.

Full network stack

Our CGN is also full-blown router system that supports a wide range of features. Our goal is to simplify your network deployments and make production life easier.


Architecture and Key Components

vCGN Dashboard

The Dashboard serves as the central control and visualization point for our system, responsible for logging, telemetry, management, and system automation. It activates the vCGN forwarders, assigns IP addresses, manages configurations, and advertises routing updates to ensure network connectivity

vCGN Forwarder

The forwarder is responsible for all forwarding plane tasks and is the worker that forwards and manipulates IP headers and packet payloads to ensure seamless client IP connectivity.

vCGN Dashboard examples

System overview
Configuration table
Individual forwarder
Templates table edit

Available deployment options


All vCGN components in a single virtual machine, suitable for up to 32k subscribers and 10 Gbps full-duplex traffic


All vCGN components in a single appliance, suitable for up to 256k subscribers and 128 Gbps full-duplex traffic

vBNG integrated

All vCGN components integrated in to the 5×9 vBNG System for maximum flexibility

Pricing model

Our pricing model is simple and flexible

All Software features always included

We are just counting your subscribers!

Perpetual License

From 10.000 subscribers onwards Perpetual License options available