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5x9 vBNG

Virtual-Form Broadband Edge for a Simple and Efficient Management of Network production

Key features

Fast & easy deployment
Simplified system design
Includes provisioning & management
Includes redundancy, scalability & elasticity tools
Compatibility with all major virtualization platforms
Effortless everyday system operation & automated workload distribution
Clearly visible CapEx and OpEx saving with subscriber-based licesing and SLA policies
Up to 800 Gbps per mid-rangex86 COTS node for 500-byte packet size

Control the session affinity of each forwarder and stick any session right where you want it.

Available deployment options


All components in a single virtual machine, suitable for up to 65k subscribers and 200 Gbps of traffic


All components in a single appliance, suitable for up to 130k subscribers and 500 Gbps of traffic

Distributed System

All components over one or more datacentres, suitable for milions of subscribers and terabits of traffic

vBNG Dashboard examples

vBNG Controller
vBGN Forwarder
Network Interfaces

Technical specifications

Our 5×9 vBNG is made of, plain and simple. We are constantly working to make your experience even better. All of our products are developed from scratch and completely in-house, allowing us to tailor its features to every client’s needs.

Pricing model

Our pricing model is simple and flexible

One time Free license

12 Month free license limited to 1.000 Subscribers

Perpetual license

From 50.000 subscribers onwards Perpetual License options available

We are just counting your subscribers

All Software features central always included (dashboard, vCGN, session affinity…)