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Virtual-Form Broadband Edge for a Simple and Efficient Management of Your Network Production

Enables operators to seamlessly move physical BNG’s from dedicated hardware to a smart VNF with maximal efficiency and flexibility.
5x9 Virtual Broadband Network Gateaway (vBNG)
Explore the core functionality of the 5x9 vBNG software

Automatic Scalability

Tailor thresholds to your capacities, and 5×9 vBNG handles the rest. When your traffic or user number hits the treshold, a new forwarder gets automatically into action.

Adaptive Pado/DHCP Offer Delay

5×9 vBNG monitors various parameters and balances the delay between forwarders to ensure the least loaded forwarder gets to the user first.

Automated forwarding plane IP adressing

IP addresses are distributed economically to functioning vBF instances, avoiding IP waste.

Automated Forwarding Plane Elasticity

Our forwarders automatically configure themselves according to any parameter you outlined during the system setup.

Automatic Scalability & Automated Forwarding Plane Elasticity

Unlimited instances, scaled and configured automatically

Control the number of users on each forwarder with minimal effort. Tailor thresholds to your capacities. Avoid clutter and clots that lead to meltdowns. When your traffic or users hit a set threshold, a new forwarding instance gets into action. The number of instances adjusts elastically to the flow.

Once up and running, the system configures the forwarder according to the parameters you’ve outlined during system setup. 5×9 vBNG has full automation embedded in its system, adjusting to demounts on the spot.

Architecture and key components

Virtual BNG Forwarder (vBF)

The first vBNG system component is dedicated to all tasks related to the forwarding plane. It terminates PPPoE and IPoE user sessions, forwards Ethernet and IP traffic, and generates low-level user statistics for the vBC and vDB components. With 5×9 vBNG, forwarders are activated, scaled and configured automatically, according to any parameter you define during system setup.

Virtual BNG controller (vBC) & virtual DashBoard (vDB)

The vBNG Controller is dedicated to controlling plane tasks. It manages and provisions the system together with the Virtual Dashboard component. The majority of vBNG system intelligence resides in the Virtual DashBoard. It’s a fully user-friendly application with web frontend programming and underlying SDN capabilities. The synergy between the vBNG Controller and virtual DashBoard results in full automation of internal system components as well as external user addressing, system routing, redundancy, scalability, and elasticity.

Adaptive PADO/DHCP Offer Delay & automated forwarding plane IP addressing

Flexible fixes, proactive approach and cost-effective systems

The system’s flexibility allows us to fit 5×9 vBNG into your network. Increasing the number of forwarders could cause problems in your workload distribution. We balance your workload, define the minimum and maximum, making sure all delays are equal. Some forwarders are less loaded and faster than others. We outfitted our forwarders with adaptive PADO delay to disperse user sessions efficiently.

vBNG monitors various parameters: bandwidth, the number of user sessions, CPU usage, and balances the delay for each forwarding instance. Stick your user’s session right where you want it. Connect them to the forwarder you want. 5×9 vBNG also reduces the need for IPs. Auto-addressing handles them economically by distributing IP addresses from a closed instance to functioning ones. Avoid IP waste, and use addresses efficiently.

Happy customers

“The best thing about vBNG is simplicity. The embedded automation really makes scaling and flexibility effortless. And the shared private cloud infrastructure enabled us to standardize all our hardware.”

Hrvatski Telekom