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Lightweight Monitoring System

All-in-one network, applications, and services monitoring tool

Key features

Simple licensing
Full network & application visibility
Built-in Machine Learning
Platform & hardware agnostic – x86, ARM, VM, Docker, or Android.
One point of control & visualization
Configuration via GUI & API
Simple integration with 3rd-party analytics systems
All new measurement modules & system features always included under valid SLA

Deployable on all network layers; CPE, Access Node, Core/Edge router, Data Center, and Internet cloud

Arhitecture and key components

Node Manager

The Node Manager is the brain behind it all. It kicks the Probes into action, and manages their modules and configurations. In short, it hands out orders on what to measure, how to measure it, and when to report back. You can have any number of probes in the system

Probes and Measurement Modules

– one, or a thousand, all with zero-touch configuration. These probes send performance measurement results back to the Node Manager for storage, visualization, and additional processing. We have developed and continue to enhance over 30 diverse measurement modules, regularly introducing new ones.

Lightweight probes flavours

Small probe

Up to 5 parallel installed measurement modules

Medium probe

Up to 10 parallel installed measurement modules

Large probe

No limit parallel installed measurement modules

LMS Grafana & Dasboard examples

Module list
Node configuration
Node list
System overview

Technical specifications

Efficient network and application performance visibility, that’s our core value. Ensure the best end-user experience through clear diagnostics tailored to your needs. Choose your Software Measurement Module from the datasheet list, or ask us for a completely new, custom-made one.

Pricing model

Our pricing model is simple and flexible

Subscription based license

SaaS and OnSite Deployment options

Access to all measurement modules included 30+

Download datasheet