5×9 Lightweight Monitoring System

Deep-dive into your network and application performance

5×9 Lightweight Monitoring System

Anything measurable gets measured by Lightweight. Your network lives through many components. Once you connect them all, it’s hard to detect the precise source of a glitch in time. But Lightweight breaks your system down to clear performance data – instead of letting it break down.

Tailored, in-depth diagnostics

Today, service delivery is becoming increasingly complex. It takes time to get to the root of a problem. You have to go through layers to find and fix it.

Don’t react only when a customer complains. Have complete performance visibility at all times.

Lightweight is a system that clings to any number of routers you choose. Then, it allows you to check your connectivity, web server, or any other part of your network. Virtual probes measure each inch of your network, and pinpoint the exact cause of any problem.

Smart alerts and detailed stats

The Node Manager is the mind behind it all. It orchestrates and configures the distributed probe infrastructure. We provide dozens of network and application measurement software modules, and we’re constantly developing new ones according to customer demands.

Probes measure stats each minute, hour, or every second Monday – your choice. The Node Manager collects performance data and clearly visualizes it on your Node Manager dashboard through limitless Grafana options.

Through user-defined thresholds and machine learning, Lightweight recognizes anomalies. Then, the Node Manager sends out alerts to point out the exact component you need to address.

Flexible. Scalable. Platform agnostic.

Plant thousands of probes, as many as you need, in any part of your network. And don’t worry about provisioning. The probes switch on, and the Node Manager configures them automatically. Their control and communication are centralized in the Node Manager.

We also provide fully customized measurement software modules that click with a range of platforms. If your system is completely original, we’ll tailor a custom-developed module especially for you.

Lightweight runs on any kind of hardware with Linux. Use it on SBC, Bare Metal, VM, and Docker containers.

Lightweight licensing system

Licensing is fair and simple: you can choose between various scaled probe licenses, while measurement modules aren’t licensed. A valid warranty or SLA includes a full subscription to all system features and measurement modules we develop in the future.

The Node Manager and Software Frameworks also have no license, just a one-time installation fee. With Lightweight, there’s no room for surprises.

“Lightweight gave us full-service visibility — both from the end-user perspective, and from every part of our complex internal system. We get to proactively react before any customer complains, and cut down the time needed for troubleshooting and recovery. It’s a real swiss army tool.”

Domagoj Pehar


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We’re here to introduce efficient simplicity to telcos and enterprises. Don’t spend hours or days on system configuration or looking for problems. 5x9 solutions enable automatization, proactive monitoring, and fault repair, reducing your engagement and simplifying your life.

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