5×9 DHCP Dashboard

Take control of your DHCP performance

Introducing 5×9 DHCP Dashboard for ISC KEA

Analytics paired with seamless UX. Your stats, configuration, and management in one clear interface. Learn what’s troubling your DHCP deployment, and fix it before your customers notice.

Let the Dashboard decipher deployment for you

The Dashboard is where you see and configure it all. Catch degradations, before they escalate. Pinpoint problems as they appear, before you get a ring from your customer. Get clear diagnostics of your platform on our easy-to-read DHCP Dashboard, and take action on the spot.

We integrate it with your system, provide educations to show you how it works, and give support if anything goes wrong.

DHCP overview and control, like no other

The virtual Dashboard is designed to configure and monitor DHCP KEA server instances from a single clear-cut point. The flow of your performance is translated into precise Grafana graphs, customized to display the data you need to run your system right.

Act on your data on point, and adjust the system through a single intuitive control panel. The Dashboard is based on an easy-to-use GUI, allowing you to implement changes directly.

Get to know your system up to the root

When it’s your infrastructure performance on the line, a rough estimation is not good enough. Precise system diagnostics show the exact spots where you could use some tuning or intervention, allowing you to make effective adjustments on time.

DHCP Dashboard licensing system

We keep it simple.

Your license depends only on the installation size, nothing more. You can count on your starting fee without surprises.

“5×9 took a bulletproof open-source DHCP server and gave it the only thing it was missing – a full-blown configuration tool that gave us the power to set up multiple servers, without the cumbersome task of configuring them all manually.”

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We’re here to introduce efficient simplicity to telcos and enterprises. Don’t spend hours or days on system configuration or looking for problems. 5x9 solutions enable automatization, proactive monitoring, and fault repair, reducing your engagement and simplifying your life.

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