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Smart Network Solutions

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Ensure the best end-user experience through evolved networking solutions tailored to your needs

Narrow the gap

Get complete network, service and application visibility at all times. Our 5×9 Lightweight Monitoring System (LMS) proactively monitors your network and services environment conditions, even the most complex ones. This swiss army monitoring tool delivers tailored, in-depth diagnostics with smart alerts and detailed visualisations.

Flexible. Scalable. Platform agnostic. LMS reduces your time to repair.

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Simplify your BNG management

Run all BNG network functions on x86 standard hardware and condense your operations in one flexible solution with the 5×9 virtual Broadband Network Gateway system (vBNG). Control the number of users on each forwarder with minimal effort. Tailor thresholds to your capacities. Avoid clutter and clots that lead to meltdowns.

Be practical. Turn virtual. Make scaling and flexibility effortless.

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Say goodbye to IP exhaustion

Based on our production proven packet forwarding and manipulation engine upgraded with flexible and intelligent NAT functionality, 5×9 Carrier Grade NAT (vCGN) is powered by a unique Dashboard component that simplifies distributed system configuration and management tasks, making it easy to integrate in both fixed and mobile complex networks.

Built on proven engine. Effortless system scaling. Simplify your network operations.

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The bigger vision

How we make a difference

Future proof
Our solutions are designed with a forward-thinking approach

Simplified management
Centralized automated management will streamline your production life

Tailored solutions
We customize our products to meet the unique needs of end user

Seamless scaling
Easily scale your infrastructure according to your changing needs


Key advantages

5×9 Networks redefines the word Partner for Telcos and Enterprises, thanks over of 100+ years of experience in the industry.


Unmatched large-scale deployments.


Solutions refined through partnership.


Smart automation, no matter the complexity.

Fair Licensing Policy

No small print or hidden fees.

We deliver

Best solutions possible, meeting customer expectations

5×9 Networks offers the most innovative solutions to simplify your maintenance and diagnostics, maximize productivity, improve customer experience, and lower total cost of ownership.

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Deep-dive into the products that helps you in obtaining versatile, extendable, and future-proof solutions for your network infrastructure.

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5×9 Networks have over a century of combined telco experience and creates products that we wish we could have used ourselves.

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